Tai-Ching Machinery Hardware Co., Ltd was founded in 1980; it started as a small hardware retailer. Then 1992, company saw an opportunity in hand tool developments, so our company founder and chief product designer, Mr. Feng-chung LIU, decided to transform TAI-CHING from a retailer to a specialized clamp manufacturer.

We, spent 20 years, crafting our skill and knowledge in all kinds of clamp, and now TAI-CHING have developed wide ranges of clamp products; such as ratchet clamps, one-hand clamps, transformer-maxi clamps, and many other specialise clamps.  All our clamps are designed and manufactured in house and certified for patent, so each TAI-CHING clamps are guaranteed for the highest quality.  Our clamps offer people joyful and use-with-ease experience in workplaces, like carpentry, woodworking, and home renovation.

Our enormous efforts in making handy and yet powerful clamps for whether you are industrial workers, professionals, even DIY users. TAI-CHING has become the lead clamp manufacture for oversea buyers in Taiwan.